Max OptiFresh®

Max OptiFresh® Solution and Rewetting Eyedrops. Expertise in eyes and lens care. Both of your eyes and lenses need love!

Try our Max OptiFresh® to clean, disinfect and moisturize your eyes and contact lenses after a whole day. Max OptiFresh® is manufactured under stringent quality conditions at an ISO 13485 / ISO 9001 certified facility, which is safe to use and quality assured. If you need an instant moist for your eyes, try our Max OptiFresh® rewetting drops. This small but effective rewetting drop allowed you to relief from eye redness anytime and anywhere!


Fast Clean Option

Rub and soak for 4 hours.


Rub Free Option

Max OptiFresh® solution offers you a rub free cleaning option, it is easy & simple. First, rinse the lens thoroughly and then soak it in Max Optifresh® Solution for at least 6 hours. This option is used with frequent replacement lenses (1 month or less). Rubbing is the preferred cleaning method for conventional soft lenses.

Retains moisture and prevents dryness

HPMC forms a lubricating shield on the lens. It seals in moisture and lubricates and coats the surface of the lens. This conditions the lens and seals in moisture, slowly releasing it throughout the day.

Removes and releases protein and liquids from the lens

Max OptiFresh® premium multi-purpose solution also has high ionic molecules which combine with protein charged molecules, accelerates the release of protein deposits from the lens.













Max OptiFresh® is a combination of four special agents: Benefits


A disinfectant and preservative with powerful biocidal
Keeps your lens free of germs and bacteria.


A gentle surfactant and cleaning agent.


Removes protein, dirt and debris.


A lubricant that forms a shield on the lens.

Retains moisture, prevents dryness and lubricates the lens for long lasting eye comfort

Sodium Phosphate Buffer

Keeps lenses pH balanced and enhances performance
of added electrolytes (potassium and sodium chloride).
For more natural lens wear.


Solution available in 60ml, 120ml, 360ml and 500ml. Rewetting Drops available in 10ml.



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